• Function of Hops Extract Xanthohumol
  • Hops are the female flower clusters (commonly called seed cones or strobiles), of a hop species, Humulus lupulus.
  • 2014/08/15
  • Artichoke Extract Benefits and Using Considerations
  • Artichoke, Cynara cardunculus, one of the oldest known cultivated plants, is a perennial thistle native to Ethiopia. The plant produces broad, spiked leaves and large, impressive violet-colored flowers.
  • 2014/08/11
  • Which Weight Loss Herbal Ingredients Are the Best ?
  • As we Know, Dozens of herbal ingredients have the function of weight loss, but which have the strongest evidence showing they work and, among those, which products are highest in quality ?
  • 2014/08/08
  • Goji Polysaccharides' Benefit
  • Polysaccharides is another world for complex carbohydrates and is just one of the many goji berry benefits. We need complex carbohydrates in order for our bodies to grow and thrive.
  • 2014/08/08
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