• 100% Natural Genipin powder 98%(Genipa Americana),more and more popular in temporary tattoo ink field!

  • FineSky Best Seller: Genipin 98% from Gardenia extract, can customized by kg grade and always have grams in stock. 

    The main application:
    1. Natural biological crosslinking agent,

    2. Temporary tattoo industry, sustainable about 2 weeks time.

    3. Fingerprint collection reagent

    Detection method: High performance liquid chromatography HPLC ≥ 98%
    Appearance: White crystalline powder
    Botanical source:  Rubiaceae Rubiaceae Gardenia jasminoides Ellis dry and ripe fruit.
    Pharmacological properties: geniposide by β-glucosidase hydrolysis. Which is the most potent inhibitor of mutagenic mutants in the iridoid glycosides found to date.
    Storage method: 2-8 ° C, dark preservation, low temperature preservation.
    Note: This product should be stored at low temperatures, prolonged exposure to the air, the content will be reduced.


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