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    Genipin is a chemical compound found in gardenia fruit extract. It is an aglycone derived from an iridoid glycoside called geniposide present in fruit of Gardenia jasminoides.
    Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linking. It has a low acute toxicity, with LD50 i.v. 382 mg/kg in mice, therefore, much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and many other commonly used synthetic cross-linking reagents. Furthermore, genipin can be used as a regulating agent for drug delivery, as the raw material for gardenia blue pigment preparation, and as the intermediate for alkaloid syntheses.

    The main application:
    1. Natural biological crosslinking agent,

    2. Temporary tattoo industry, sustainable about 2 weeks time,

    3. Fingerprint collection reagent,

    4. G
    enipin can be used as a regulating agent for drug delivery,

     As the raw material for gardenia blue pigment preparation,

    6. As the intermediate for alkaloid syntheses.

    Detection method: High performance liquid chromatography HPLC ≥ 98%, 99%
    Appearance: White crystalline powder
    Botanical source:  Rubiaceae Rubiaceae Gardenia jasminoides Ellis dry and ripe fruit.
    Pharmacological properties: geniposide by β-glucosidase hydrolysis. Which is the most potent inhibitor of mutagenic mutants in the iridoid glycosides found to date.
    Storage method: 2-8 ° C, dark preservation, low temperature preservation.
    Note: This product should be stored at low temperatures, prolonged exposure to the air, the content will be reduced.

    Tongkat ali Extract
    Source of raw materials: Eurycoma Longlifolia Jack
    Characters:            Yellow Brown to Light Yellow Fine Powder
    Specification:          Eurycomanone 2.0%, 10%(HPLC), Ratio Extract 100:1, 200:1(TLC)



    Appearance Yellow Brown to Light Yellow Fine Powder Visual
    Odor Characteristic Organoleptic
    Loss on Drying ≤5.0% /
    Ash ≤5.0% /
    Heavy Metals <20ppm CP2005
    As <2ppm AAS
    Total Plate Count <10000cfu/g CP2005
    Yeast & Mold <1000cfu/g CP2005
    E.Coli Negative CP2005
    Salmonella Negative CP2005
    Eurycomanone 2.0%, 10% HPLC
    Ratio Extract 100:1, 200:1 TLC

    1. Promote the body's own testosterone production, promote the growth of human muscle.

    2. Promote physical fitness and control, maintain strong energy, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve depression.

    3. Enhance blood circulation and metabolism, enhance renal dynamic and reduce the damage of drugs on renal.

    4. Improve the human sexual function and rapid recovery of strength.

    5. Enhance human fertility and improve male sperm production, improve sperm activity.

    6. Repair and nourish human gonads and reproductive system, effect on the limination of prostatitis symptoms.

    7. Prevent and cure the malaria, and has been proven to have great potential to treat cancer. 


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