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  • Apple vinegar powder Introduction
    Apple vinegar powder swept the world as losing weight and lowing cholesterol ingredients for health products. It uses apple as raw material, made by a series of processes such as juice extraction, sterilization, fermentation, impurity removal, liquid inclusion and drying.
    Apple vinegar powder is made of apple cider vinegar as raw materials, its nutritional content is similar with apple cider vinegar, but with also different. In the production of apple vinegar powder, after impurity removal, liquid inclusion and drying process. Similar to the principle of baking bread, the ingredients in apple cider vinegar change slightly during its inclusion and heating - the organic acids that are irritating and volatile are volatile while the less volatile organic acids, Enzymes, minerals and other nutrients are retained, forming a nutrient-rich, less irritating solid vinegar. Therefore, apple vinegar powder with easy to carry and use, less irritation and so on. Apple vinegar powder often use as a diet food in Europe and the United States, together with organic chromium and other ingredients. The U.S. FDA approved apple vinegar powder as a nutritional supplement in 1994.
    Apple vinegar powder
    English name: Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Dry Apple cider vinegar P.E
    Appearance: Ivory white fine powder, good water-soluble with apple scent and apple vinegar vinegar smell
    Solubility: The product solubility in water at 20 ℃ greater than 35g / 100gH2O, the aqueous solution was transparent yellowish, rich in apple vinegar and vinegar smell, moderate acidity
    Efficacy: Apple vinegar powder swept the world to lose weight, lower cholesterol raw materials for health products.
    Process: Selection of high-quality apple as the raw material processed by fermentation of apple cider vinegar, and then liquid inclusion and drying made of apple vinegar powder.
    Traits: white to light yellow (ivory) powder
    Smell: apple scent Vinegar scent of apple vinegar
    Specifications: Total Acidity> 5%
    Loss on drying: ≤8.0%
    Granularity: 90% through 80 mesh sieve
    Packing: 25KG cardboard drum, inside double PE bag
    Product preservation: Store in a cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature.
    Main Functions:
    (1) Beauty effect
    Vinegar not only health care functions, but also eliminate the accumulation of excessive carbonated water, relieve fatigue, add energy. The main thing is to lose weight, beauty, beauty and other effects, stakeholders found that regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can maintain skin health, can maintain bodybuilding.
    (2) Weight loss
    Apple cider vinegar producers claim to help digestion and also lose weight when it is good for the body, allowing the body to absorb nutrients and break down fat and sugar efficiently. In Europe and the United States and other countries, apple cider vinegar to lose weight is more popular, especially in the form of apple vinegar powder.
    (3) Health care for the middle-aged 
    Japanese scientists found that vinegar can not only prevent diseases but also have positive meanings for the rehabilitation of cancer patients in addition to sweating, blood pressure reduction, sore throat treatment, constipation, live bones, and immune enhancement. 
    (4) Eliminate of alcohol
    Experiments show that after drinking the same amount of alcohol, the alcohol content of jealous people in the blood is much lower than those who do not jealous. In order to further understand this phenomenon, researchers measured the movement of ethanol in the gastrointestinal digestive tract. As a result, alcohol was stored in the stomach in both alcoholic and jellified manures. 
    (5) Eliminate fatigue effect
    Athletes need to continually ingest a variety of animal foods to render the body environment acidic, and then to maximize the energy to stimulate the body to complete the training program. In the training process, the body will produce a lot of lactic acid, the best way to eliminate fatigue is to drink apple vinegar drinks to supplement alkaline substances, as soon as possible to achieve acid-base balance of the body.
    The main types and applications
    1. One is based on starch as the main excipient products, suitable for tabletting or filling glue, the test, such products with appropriate amount of microcrystalline cellulose and other accessories can be directly compressed or filled capsules.
    2. The other has a good water-soluble, according to the ratio of 5: 1 dissolved into a light yellow liquid, suitable for the production of granules or effervescent tablets.

    D-glucosamine Introduction

    D-glucosamine, which is an important component of highly hydrophilic proteoglycan. It can synthesize collagen in the human body which can be easily absorbed by human body. According to the production process, it is divided into two kinds: D-glucosamine hydrochloride and D-glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is mainly extracted from hydrolyzed marine organisms(shrimp crab shell). While our company's product is vegetarian D-glucosamine, which come from Cassava Starch.

    Glucosamine is a substance that can not be secreted by the body itself and is converted into mucopolysaccharide in human body, which is the most important component of cartilage. Therefore, moderate exogenous glycosylation is currently the world's only a cartilage repair of medicinal health care products. Medical research found that the lack of glucosamine in the body will directly lead to a variety of bone and joint diseases, and loss of glucosamine in the process of people around 35 years has already begun. Glucosamine not only controls the health of the human bone and joint, but also controls the metabolic balance of the synovial membrane of the articular cartilage. 
    Common name: D-glucosamine
    Alias: Glucosamine, Glucosamine Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride
    Plant Source: Cassava Starch
    Molecular formula: C6H13NO5
    Molecular weight: 210-300
    Traits: White flowing powder
    Drug Category: APIs
    Indications: Joint diseases
    Dosage: Daily 2000mg
    D-glucosamine's main function
    Repair cartilage
    That is, the affected joints cartilage defect, synovial membrane, synovial fluid repair. Joint cartilage is a "bulletproof": repairing articular specific substances - glucosamine, may be spawned by the synovial fluid of articular synovium, production, repair of articular cartilage.
    Repair the immune process
    Glucosamine supplementation can repair the joints of the immune system and can balance the metabolic capacity, thereby restoring the joint organs of the "immune protection" ability (that is, the ability to prevent disease), the overall rehabilitation of diseased joints.
    The main application of D-glucosamine
    Glucosamine, along with commonly used chondroitin, using against osteoarthritisis. While this is not routinely prescribed to treat people who have symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee, as there is insufficient evidence that this treatment is helpful.
    Prospects of D-glucosamine
    Glucosamine is widely used as a nutritional supplement for articular cartilage and is the only nutraceutical that has therapeutic effects on bone and joint diseases in Europe and the United States. Glucosamine in Japan accounted for the first place in health food, the Japanese government recognized the only functional food promised to promote efficacy. More and more Chinese are also beginning to recognize the effect of glucosamine on bone and joint, also began to apply in the corresponding health products. Therefore, as people's awareness of health awareness is getting higher and higher, the market of D-glucosamine will also become more and more broad.

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